A New Friend is episode 6a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on October 10, 1998.


A foreigner named Constantinos arrives at Lakeside City School, and he quickly befriends Edward and Eric. However, Constantinos' meek and timid nature makes him a prime target for Carver, who's been released from prison on probation...



  • This is Constantinos' debut appearance.
  • Originally, this episode was meant to be Carver's final appearance on the show. Had it stayed that way, he basically would've been in prison forever.
  • Chill Out by The Surfdusters serves as the title card track for this episode.


(It's a stormy day in Lakeside. A bolt of lightning in the sky breaks out at the Lakeside City Correctional Facility. The camera fades to the prison's hallways)

Officer Owen: Chris, I think it's time I show you toughen up. I'm gonna show you our most perilous criminal.

Cop Chris: Well, what's the worst he could've done?

Officer Owen: I'm sure you've heard of Carver Brutus. He may be a teenager, but-

(Chris bursts into laughter, and tears roll down his eyes)

Cop Chris: Good one, Owen! Let me guess, did he give someone an atomic wedgie? Or did he pelt you with water balloons? (laughs harder)

Officer Owen: NO, YOU FOOL! He's the reason why the city's crime rates are skyrocketing!

Cop Chris: (stops laughing within a nanosecond) Oh.

(They walk further down the hallway, and they see a locked metal door. Owen scans his hand into it, and the door slowly opens. They enter the dark room, and they see a dim cell)

Cop Chris: Hey, wait, wanna grab a bite first?

(Camera immediately cuts to them exiting MacDouglas')

Officer Owen: That was your SECOND lunch break in a row, Chris. I do NOT tolerate indolence.

(Cut back to Carver's cell. Owen unlocks it, and the cell opens. We see Carver's silhouette)

Officer Owen: Hey, Monkey Boy! It turns out you're going to see the light of day after all.

(Cut to a time card)

The Narrator: Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean...

Constantinos: (to his unseen parents, which we only see silhouettes of) I never thought I'd say this, but actually kinda I'm glad I'm moving to America. I just wish you could come along. Say, when's my flight again?

(We hear a cartoony whistle sound, and a plane falls from the sky, landing on Constantinos)

Constantinos: (his hand pops out from underneath the plane) And my ticket?

(His father's hairy arm hands him a one-way flight ticket)

(Cut to Lakeside City School, where The Lucky 6 is running around Hallway 1-C. The lights are shut off, and they're wearing tinfoil hats and have laser guns)

(Dallas dodges a shot from Joey and ends up landing on Stanley)

Stanley: (weakly; muffled) You're it.

Dallas: Aw shoot!

Eric: Alright, let's go for round two of Hide-and-Go-Laser-and-Freeze-Tag-in-the-Dark!

(They cheer, but then the bell rings)

(The gang takes off faster than Usain Bolt after drinking Red Bull, and the camera fades to Mr. Goodman's class)

Mr. Goodman: Oh, good afternoon, class! Today, we'll be introducing two new students.

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