Please don't hit me! I have glasses!
— Aaron
Aaron Pasteur is a character in Comedy World, and the leader of the Nerds. He is a Nerd at Lakeside City School. He speaks in a North Carolina accent, and he is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Aaron is an overweight Nerd who is "too nerdy and uncool" even by Nerd standards; in fact, he is the most unpopular student. He loves to spend his time reading, with his favorite subject being Math. However, he is nowhere near as smart as PC Guy. He is infamous for having a weak bladder, and he is also is a huge "momma's boy", as he is always talking about his mother, as well as his love for her. He seems to be highly spoiled by her. On the contrary, he has an unhealthy relationship with his father.


  • He shares some physical resemblances with Carl Wheezer from the animated series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. However, this may be a complete coincidence as Comedy World premiered way before Jimmy Neutron was ever shown to the public.
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