Avenue A Apartment is an apartment building that is featured in the animated series, Edward and Eric. It is where Edward, Eric and their father Paul and pet Oscar reside, as well as the duo's group of friends. It is located in Lakeside City, which happens to be the main city of New York's "sixth borough", Lakeside. The building's landlord is a man named Mr. Rattlebag.


Avenue A Apartment is a middle-class residential apartment building that consists of 13 floors. The 13th floor is a luxurious penthouse. The bottom floor of the apartment comes with a waiting lobby, a bodega, a gym, and an outdoor pool.


  • Humorously enough, the apartment has been entirely destroyed several times, and by the next episode, it is always seen again in perfect condition with no given explanation.
  • During development of the series, the apartment had a more gritty design.
  • The Lucky 6's "headquarters" happens to be located beneath the apartment's courtyard.
  • The owner of the apartment’s bodega happens to be a short, mustached Italian plumber named Mario.
  • In The Edward and Eric Movie, the apartment was given a different design with a taller architectural style.
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