Bad Luck Benjamin is an 11-minute animated short that was animated and produced by Gary Sauls. While it was primarily produced as a project when he was attending college at School of Visual Arts, it was also where most aspects for Comedy World would originate from. Sauls' close friend, Edward Felker, helped out with the animation and some voice work.

The finished short was eventually shown to one of Sauls' classes on September 27, 1982. It resulted in positive reception from his professors and classmates.


A nerdy teenager, Benjamin, must go through the first day of high school while also trying to keep his genetic bad luck under control. With obstacles such as hot cheerleaders, bullies and overwhelming homework, will he make it out alive?


  • Gary Sauls as Benjamin, Narrator, Principal Schlitzdik, (WIP)
  • Edward Felker as (WIP)


  • Sauls and Felker did all the voice work in this project, even for the female characters.
  • Eric's original portrayal does not appear in this short.


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