The problem, old chap, is that you don't like tea.
— Bathazar
Balthazar Abrahams is a minor character in Comedy World, and a Prep who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Balthazar is the stereotypical tea-obsessed Brit. He talks down anybody who, even in the slightest, dislikes tea. He is also athletic, as he enjoys boxing, swimming, and track. He claims to be obsessed with tea because it helps him exercise, but the truth is that, in Stanley's words, he's "too obsessed" with it. He speaks in a faux upper-class British accent.


  • He happens to have British Teeth.
  • His favorite food to eat with his tea is crumpets (what else?).
  • He physically resembles Wallace from the long running British stop motion series, Wallace and Gromit.
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