Big Brother is Watching You is episode 49a of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on July 22, 2000.


It's Brother's Day, and Principal Walker's younger brother, Nicholas, is coming to visit Lakeside City, so he tries to set up some schemes that will stop him once and for all, as well as trying to convince the family that Nicholas is "evil".

Cast (WIP)


  • Although Nicholas has appeared several times prior to this episode, this is his first major appearance.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Eric is absent.
  • Although this episode premiered in 2000, the copyright date at the end of the credits is 1999.
  • The title is a quote from George Orwell's famous book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • This episode is 7 minutes long as opposed to the normal duration of 11 minutes.


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