Bike Intellectz is episode 66b of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on September 15, 2001.


The Narrator gives the viewer instructions on riding a bicycle, but Eric manages to mess it all up by trying to have a fierce bike race with PC Guy.



  • This episode is at least 4 minutes long as opposed to the normal duration of 11 minutes.


The Narrator: Good morning, people. My name is not as important as this demonstration I'll be giving you in a little bit. Today, I'll be showing you how to ride a four-wheeled specimen that is known as "the bicycle".

(Eric walks out of the apartment and hops on a green bicycle)

Eric: Oh boy, today is the day I get to pay a visit to Carver! He's been calling me his "little friend" lately. I think he's really starting to find his kind spot!

The Narrator: A bike can get you anywhere. It can get you to school on time, to the local pizzeria, and you can outrun the police by letting them bite your dust with it! Err... forget about that last part. Anyway, we'll let this moron be our crash test dummy for this video.

Eric: Huh? Who's talking from the beyond of the beyond?

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