Oh no! Where did I drop that penny?!
— Bill

Bill Breault is a recurring character in Edward and Eric. He is the wealthiest man in Lakeside City, the husband of Whitney, and the father of Stanley and Sierra. Bill is voiced by Clancy Brown.


Bill is widely known for his "world-renowned" restaurant, Breault Burgers, as well as for being notoriously cheap (To the point where he is considered a villain by series creator Gary Sauls). He couldn't care less about his children, and he neglects them on a daily basis. He also tends to look down on nearly everyone he knows, and absolutely hates pizza, to the point where he opened Breault Burgers for the sole purpose of competing with Pearson Pizza.


  • Bill's voice actor also provides Mr. Krabs' voice on the animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Humorously, Bill and Mr. Krabs are both notoriously cheap.
  • Before he moved to Lakeside and established his own restaurant, Bill lived in Las Vegas and was an avid gambler.
  • As stated in some episodes, Bill has a good record in making up excuses about why he doesn't pay his rent.
  • In certain video game appearances, Bill is voiced by off-the-street voice actors instead of Clancy Brown.
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