Uh, Carver, you see, I'd love to beat up some Nerds, but, uh... I have to check on the chicken that my mom asked me to take out of the fridge 4 hours ago.
— Blake
Blake Jefferson is a supporting character in Edward and Eric, and is Carver's unwilling partner-in-crime. He is voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins.


Blake is a large African-American male that can normally be seen as Carver's "right-hand man". He has a reputation for "being too attached" to him at times. Blake is highly interested in sports, but he does have a stereotypical "soft side" -- Blake has shown interest in poetry, playing the piano, and small animals. In fact, the only reason he joined forces with Carver was so he wouldn’t get bullied mercilessly. He is strongly against violence, and whenever Carver wants him to beat up people, he tries to excuse himself out of the situation. When he has no other choice, he pretends to hit them and make it look like they're actually fighting.


  • Blake is 17 years old.
  • Blake's actor has also provided the voices of Tucker Foley from the animated Nickelodeon series, Danny Phantom, and Vince LaSalle from the Disney cartoon, Recess.
  • Unlike Carver, Blake has expressed interest in his own education. He is even willing to graduate and attend medical school so he can pursue his lifelong dream job as a doctor.
    • He also possesses a liking for The Lucky 6. He doesn't like the idea of tormenting them, and whenever Carver isn't around, he openly describes them as "pretty cool people".
    • He also never beats up any of the members of The Lucky 6, and he tends to hang out with them whenever Carver is unaware of his whereabouts.
    • Near the end of The Edward and Eric Movie, Blake is seen with an acceptance letter from a highly-rated medical school, so it's safe to say that his dreams are now reality.
  • At some point during development for the series, his original name was Henry Stanford.
  • Blake seems to be afraid of Dallas. Whenever he is around Dallas, he will become anxious and will usually plead Dallas to not beat him up, even if he isn't really doing anything.
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