Break a Leg is episode 8a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on October 24, 1998.


Old Man Esmond is going to pay a visit to the hospital so he can get surgery on his hip, but when Eric hears the news, he decides to tag along and impersonate a doctor so he can "rescue" him.


  • Andrew Rannells as Edward
  • Josh Peck as Eric
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Old Man Esmond
  • Gary Sauls and Edward Felker as Hospital Patients
  • Mike Pollock as Dr. Feelwell
  • Mary Kay Bergman as Old Lady, Nurse #1 and Nurse #2
  • Grey DeLisle as Nurse #3


  • This is one of the very few instances where Edward only appears in the beginning.
  • This episode was banned in a few countries because impersonating a doctor is an illegal act that is generally frowned upon.
  • This was supposed to be paired with Hurricane Eddy, but ended up being Club Eric's sister episode instead.
  • The title is based on the saying, "break a leg", which is an encouragement phrase that is said to actors before they perform on stage.
  • This episode is available to watch on the Tripping Down Memory Lane DVD and VHS, as well as the box set for The Complete First Season.


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