Cartoon Crack-Ups is an Edward and Eric DVD that is essentially a combination of 2 individual VHS releases. It was released on September 7, 2000.


  • There's So Much to Sea - What was meant to only be a trip to the beach turns into a grand adventure for the Pearson brothers and Joey.
  • Prehistoric Eric - Edward decides to test out his latest creation, a time machine, on Eric, but it ends up with awry results!
  • The School Bully - Carver Brutus, the meanest teenager in Lakeside, has recently been released from prison, and the brothers learn the hard way when they flirt with his girlfriend, unaware that she belongs to Carver!
  • Scary Movie - The Lucky 6 decides to watch a horror film, but said film traumatizes Constantinos!
  • Moment of Tooth - Eric discovers he has a loose tooth, but due to his fear of dental equipment, he resorts to pulling it out himself...
  • Gone Fishing - The Lucky 6 decides to go on a fishing trip, despite the fact that almost none of them have any prior knowledge of the sport...
  • Bottom of the Food Chain - When world-renowned food critic Mac Donald visits Lakeside City, Paul and Bill raise the stakes in their competitive nature to impress him.
  • Dog Trouble - Eric finds a lost dog at the dump and decides to take it home, but it turns out to be a terrifying threat to everybody Eric knows!
  • Meet the Walkers - Edward and Eric are invited to dinner at Walker's apartment, and it's not as pleasant as it may sound...
  • Stranded - While on a cruise ship, Edward and Eric mistakenly end up an a deserted island. With no food or shelter, will they survive?


  • The cover is based on There's So Much to Sea.
  • As with the Nonsensical Nonsense VHS, Cartoon Madness was supposed to be on this DVD, but was ultimately replaced with Scary Movie instead.
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