Cartoon Madness is episode 16a of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on May 1, 1999.


Sebastian wishes for his favorite fictional superheroes, Match Boy and Match Girl, to become real, with some interesting results...

Cast (WIP)

  • Andrew Rannells as PC Guy, Paul and Announcer
  • Josh Peck as Eric
  • Eric Stuart as Sebastian and Cal
  • Adam West as Match Boy
  • Grey DeLisle as Match Girl
  • Mike Pollock as Principal Walker and Tortoise



(Sebastian and Eric are watching something on Eric's TV, and it turns out to be nothing other than...)

Announcer: The Adventures of Match Boy & Match Girl! Here we see the crime-stopping duo about to race their most blistering opponent yet: a tortoise!

Match Boy: That's it, you little good-for-nothing shelled goon! We're tired of you brainwashing evil deeds to kids by putting up back-to-school ads in July! For that, we're gonna give you the beating of a lifetime!

Tortoise: You're gonna have to catch me first! (crawls at a slow speed, just like an actual tortoise)

Match Girl: We're never gonna catch up to him! (tries to run, but she fails to even move an inch and she starts panting from exhaustion)

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