Who are you calling a dunce, you dunce?
— Carver
Carver Brutus is a supporting character, and the main antagonist of the first 5 seasons of Edward and Eric, however, he was downplayed to a secondary antagonist in the 6th season. He made his debut appearance in the season 1 episode Frantic Sensations as a silent character, but he did not become a major one until The School Bully. He is voiced by Veronica Taylor.


Carver is a mean, brutal, and abusive teenager who bullies and manipulates other students (particularly Edward and Constantinos), and sometimes even adults for his personal enjoyment. He hardly ever shows any remorse for his actions. He has a strong rivalry with Dallas Jones, but whenever they fight, Dallas ends up winning.

Carver is undoubtedly the most feared student on campus, and he can even go as far as to intimidate authority figures. While he may not be academically successful, he is extremely clever in terms of leadership, making plans, and exploiting other people.


  • Carver is 16 years old.
  • According to early character development sheets, Carver was originally going to be somewhat uglier. He had a larger nose that was red, and he also had acne across his forehead.
  • As revealed in The School Bully, Carver had been expelled from 13 different school districts before his arrival at Lakeside City.
  • His dream job is a janitor at MacDouglas'.
  • Carver is capable of creating homemade weapons, including a miniature flamethrower, a potato gun and a bowling ball launcher.
  • According to Joey, Carver's grades are so bad, that the only class he truly succeeds in is Gym.
  • Carver wasn't always intended to be the main antagonist of the series. He was initially only supposed to appear in The School Bully and A New Friend, but then Sauls felt he had potential.
  • Carver's actress is well known for providing the voice of Ash Ketchum in the 4Kids dub of the Pokémon anime during the first eight seasons.
  • During development of the series, his original name was Simon.
  • Fans usually compare his voice and appearance to that of Francis from the popular Nickelodeon series, The Fairly OddParents.
  • Despite Carver's intimidating appearance, his choice of insults are mediocre (though certainly not on par with Abdul Renbarger's), as he usually calls people "weak sauce" or "crapface".
  • Carver's nickname is "Monkey Boy", which he absolutely loathes.
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