Carver Gets Canned is episode 139a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on June 10, 2006.


Lakeside City School's annual Thanksgiving food drive is on, and Carver is willing to do whatever it takes to donate more canned goods than The Lucky 6.

Cast (WIP)


  • Although this episode premiered in 2005, the copyright date in the end credits is 2004.
  • While Andrew Rannells' voice has remained the same throughout the years, this is one of the episodes where it is easy to tell that Josh Peck has been aging.
  • Although technically a Thanksgiving episode, this episode premiered 5 months before November.
  • Ironically enough, "canned" is a slang term for "cancelled", and two episodes later, the series ended.


(The episode begins with Blake carrying a bunch of canned foods - which Chip pops out of nowhere and eats, leaving only the cardboard box - to Carver's apartment)

Carver: (offscreen) BLAAAAAAKE!!!! WHERE IS MY-

Blake: (opens the door with his foot, carrying a box with "FRAGILE" written on it) -cardboard box, Carver?

Carver: (laying down on the couch, channel surfing) Oh, about time. Put it over there.

Blake: Oh, sure. (sets it down gently, immediately destroying it) Uhh, what's it for?

Carver: (slaps the school newspaper against Blake's face) Didn't you read the paper?!

Blake: (rips it off his face, tearing off both his face AND the newspaper, but he glues the former back on) "Thanksgiving food drive set for start on the 7th"?

Carver: Apparently, this competition only comes around once every century.

Blake: Perhaps Edward and his friends would make great participants, too.

Carver: Great idea! I could always use a- (suddenly realizes his mistake) WHAT?! NO!!!! (begins pushing him out) This is all for me, you hear that?! (tosses him out the door and stomps all over him) MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! (slams the door shut, but then opens it and drags him back in) Ok, I could use some help with it.

(Cut to the Pearson apartment)

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