Chatterbox Museum: Volume 1 is a compilation DVD that contains episodes from shows produced by Chatterbox Productions. It was released on May 4, 2005.

Back cover description

Get ready for over three hours of your favorite shows proudly presented by Chatterbox Productions! We've gathered some popular episodes from Comedy World and The Cheesy Adventures of Luis together in a collection that is guaranteed to provide thrills!


  • The Foggiest Idea (Comedy World) - It's Halloween, and Sebastian is tells his annual scary story, with some interesting results...
  • Hoo's There? (Comedy World) - Oscar attends a family reunion and brings PC Guy and Eric along.
  • Last Minute Delivery (The Cheesy Adventures of Luis) - Luis has to deliver pizza to an unsettling neighborhood.
  • Could You Repeat My Order? (The Cheesy Adventures of Luis) - Luis gets amnesia and forgets who he is!


  • Dust Bunnies - A pair of dust bunnies named Duke and Germaphobe go on an expedition to the top shelf of the laundry room.
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