Chatterbox Productions is an animation company that was founded in 1981 by Gary Sauls and Edward Felker. It is located in Astoria, Queens, New York. Their subsidiary company is Chatterbox Games.


During his childhood, Gary Sauls would occasionally go into a shed to work on drawings. This had inspired him to make his own company. In 1981, Chatterbox Productions came to fruition when Sauls' father purchased a former warehouse. Eventually, Sauls gathered his friends to work there, including Edward Felker. Around this time, he worked on many projects for School of Visual Arts, and one of his projects was none other than an animated short titled "Bad Luck Benjamin".



Television shows



  • In the studio's cafeteria, there are usually free snacks given out to employees.
  • Edward and Eric is currently their longest-running television show, since it lasted seven years. Mr. Enigma's Factory ranks in second as it lasted six years.
  • When Pilot was first shown, instead of the Chatterbox logo being at the end of the credits, there was a "Created by Gary Sauls" screen that has a crude drawing of Edward Pearson.
  • The far back of the building is home to a large vault that stores extremely valuable content. The only people who have access to it are Gary Sauls and Edward Felker themselves. Security devices monitor it 24/7/365. It is heavily restricted even to other fellow employees.
    • The vault is so secretive and guarded that there is no official image of what it looks like from the inside. Sails has also officially stated "whatever goes in the vault, stays in the vault." If an employee were to somehow enter it, it would immediately be a fireable offense.
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