Cheerful Volts Mental Institution is a psychiatric hospital in Edward and Eric. It is Lakeside City's only mental asylum, and it is located near Lakeside Forest. It made its debut appearance in the Season 2 episode, Eric for Principal, as it's where Principal Walker enrolls himself in after losing his job, and Edward locates him here. He talks Walker out of staying there, which is eventually successful and they proceed to get payback on Eric.


Cheerful Volts is a large one-story building. The asylum's orderlies claim to "cater" to the mentally ill residents of Lakeside, when in reality, they always mistreat and berate their patients, which makes its reputation as misleading as its name. The asylum is also notorious for having a spooky nature to it. The fact that it's located right next to Lakeside Forest only worsens matters. Faint screaming can usually be heard from the building (mostly at night), and the inside of the asylum is rather dark. Even if there are any functioning lights, they are dimly lit.



  • The name of the institution refers to the electric chair.
  • The asylum's patients are actually recycled models of various background characters.
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