Woof! Woof!
— Chip
Chip Walker is a minor character in Comedy World. He is Walker and Diane's youngest son. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Chip is, in simple terms, a cross between a human and a dog. He can usually be found attacking unlucky students (most notably Constantinos), dumpster diving, chasing his "tail", or howling at the moon. He seems to have a strong disdain for pretty much everyone, including his older brothers, and even his own parents.


  • On some early character sketches of Chip, he was originally depicted with canine teeth.
  • Humorously enough, Chip only speaks by making guttural noises (along with some barks here and there), and Principal Walker seems to be the only character in the show who can fully understand what he's saying.
  • Chip happens to wear a collar - however, it is too tight on his neck.
  • Chip usually eats his food out of Whiskers’ bowl.
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