Your singing is bad enough to give me the flu!
— Christian
Christian Huffman is a minor character in Edward and Eric, and a student who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Christian is an extremely paranoid individual who is known to suffer from several diseases, some of which are terminal. Because of this, he is always seen wearing a hazmat suit, and he has never been shown taking it off onscreen. As a result, his face remains a mystery.

He is very friendly in general, but he suffers from severe trust issues and goes through difficulties when it comes to making friends and "fitting in" with any of his peers.


  • According to his original designs, Christian did not always have his hazmat suit. He was initially supposed to wear a paper bag over his head and a baby blue t-shirt with a green frowny face.
  • Christian speaks in a strong New York accent.
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