I just don't see the point of this - literally.
— Chuck
Chuck Pittenger is a minor character in Edward and Eric. He is a student who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Eric Stuart.


Chuck is a teenage boy who was born with the supernatural ability to be invisible. He has a generally pleasant personality. He has a high opinion of human nature and is genuinely disappointed at how Lakeside City School is easily the worst school in the country. He is strictly against violence and focuses on his studies more than anything else, as he believes people only fight to "look cool". He has a relaxed outlook of the world, since he believes if everybody got along, the world would be fine.

Since Chuck is invisible, people usually get confused whenever he talks, since they don't know where the source is coming from. Whenever Carver tries to bully him, Chuck doesn't even need to do anything to win since Carver can't even physically interact with him in the first place.


  • Chuck is not the only person in his family who's invisible, because it turns out his parents are invisible as well.
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