Guys, I'm not so sure about this, can't we just go home instead?
— Constantinos
Constantinos Gargano is a supporting character in Comedy World who debuted in the season 1 episode, A New Friend. He is a foreign exchange student who is one of PC Guy and Eric's best friends. He is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Gargano. He is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Constantinos is an extremely nervous individual, but he is friendly and good-hearted. He is fairly intelligent, as he gets straight As on his report cards most of the time, and he gives valuable advice to those who need it. In general, he is a loyal friend to have around. Unfortunately for him, though, he is the weakest character in the show and he is also the shortest student in his grade at Lakeside City School. Due to his lack of physical strength and his height, he is constantly bullied by Carver. He has extremely bad luck, and he usually finds himself in situations that are either awkward, or life-threatening.

Constantinos is easily the weakest character in the series. He struggles to do basic tasks, such as lifting a pencil, giving a high-five, walking a few meters, etc. He is so light that he weighs as much as a feather, and he was also overpowered by the sheer cushion of a pillow. In one episode, he even made Lakeside City School have the worst score for the yearly national fitness test, despite everybody else doing average. 

He is far from happy with how he's considered "weak", and he has once stated he wants to take up martial arts someday. He looks up to Dallas as "the brother he's never had", and is considered to be his closest friend. Dallas always looks out for Constantinos, and in return, Constantinos gives him helpful advice from time to time.


  • Constantinos is 13 years old.
  • In the German dub, Constantinos' name is "Constantine".
  • Constantinos is known for being the series' butt monkey, moreso than PC Guy, Old Man Esmond, or virtually anyone else in the cast.
  • One notable trait Constantinos has is how he always has a worried look on his face. In fact, the only time he has ever truly smiled, was near the ending of the movie.
  • Similarly to Old Man Esmond and Wi Tu Lo, a common running gag in the series is Constantinos dying near the end of an episode, only to return in the next episode alive and well without any questions from anybody else.
  • Constantinos' fighting style consists of weak slaps, pathetic punches, and groin kicks.
  • He has a habit of being "in the wrong place at the wrong time".
  • More often than not, Constantinos has tough luck when it comes to finding a table to sit at during lunch. As a result, he usually sits near the trash can.
  • Although his home country is unknown, he does speak with an Eastern European accent.
  • While he may be incredibly weak, he makes up for it with some of the following abilities.
    • At his peak, Constantinos is able to scream loud enough to destroy buildings, the heads of other people, and even the sun.
    • Just like the rest of the characters in the show, Constantinos has an inhuman amount of pain resistance, and he seems to be invulnerable to death.
    • As revealed in the season 2 episode, Babysitting, he owns a yo-yo that is useful in combat. It is capable of knocking out Carver, and even a gang of sewer crocodiles.
  • Constantinos is the second shortest member of The Lucky 6, since he stands at 4'10 (147.32 cm).
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