Well, I've officially decided I don't need college. I can just work as a video game tester.
— Corey
Corey O'Connor is a minor character in Comedy World. He is a Nerd who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Corey is an overweight Nerd who is overly obsessed with Vaults and Vampires (just like how "nerds" are associated with Dungeons and Dragons in real life), claiming that it is the highest point of human achievement. He admits that he spends so much time playing it that he sometimes loses touch with reality. He often gets in trouble for playing it during class.


  • Just like the other overweight Nerds, he usually waddles whenever he tries to run.
  • Corey is best friends with Tamara, although Carver likes to ridicule him by saying they're actually dating each other.
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