Template:VideoGameBox Cyber Tokyo 2066 is a cyberpunk themed graphic adventure action horror game directed and written by Takuma Mori and produced by Take Five Games. It is considered to be the spiritual successor of Tokyo Warriors, which was also written by Mori.



In the year 2066, Tokyo was the king of all cities. But there was a much darker side beneath the core of the city.

Act I: March



The Sega CD version is slightly edited from the PC/Apple game. Some blood was removed, and the nudity was covered up.


see Cyber Tokyo 2066/Music



  • Director: Takuma Mori
  • Writer: Takuma Mori
  • Music composer: CoolGamer23 (also for the MS-DOS and Sega CD release)
  • Producers: Ishii Nissho
    Watanabe Shunsuke
    Kawata Masazumi
  • Programmers: Miyata Ken
    Nakazawa Masanobu
    Hori Soichiro
    Handa Kazuhiro
    Iseri Urumi (also art direction)


The game was re released three times, one in 2002 for the Xbox and PS2, one in 2010 for the DS and the PSP, and a remaster was announced to be released in 2017 for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, 3DS and a Nintendo Switch version to be released later in the year.