"Revenge" is my middle name!
— Edward XP
Edward XP is a one-off robot in Edward and Eric who was invented by Snodgrass Phthiraptera in order to exterminate Edward. His sole appearance was in the season 6 episode, Hit and Run, where he served as the main antagonist. He is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Fed up by his defeat in a previous episode, Snodgrass decided to set up revenge on Edward by designing a robot that would successfully replace and murder Edward, thus resulting in the creation of Edward XP. The robot succeeded in taking over Edward's life because he ruined his reputation and was better than him in every single aspect, but before anymore disastrous events could occur, Edward challenged the robot to a no-holds-barred fight at Lakeside City School's gym, with the entire population of New York spectating.

Since Edward was determined to prove that he was tougher than Snodgrass thought he was, he showed up to the fight completely unarmed, in contrast to Edward XP. Needless to say, the fight was not like any other brawl, but thanks to Edward's insane durability, the robot ended up breaking down since he had no way to kill Edward for good, and the battle concluded there.


Edward XP is a robot who is extremely loyal to Snodgrass. He will stop at nothing to obey his orders, no matter what the risks are.


  • He was originally going to make a reappearance in Snod-Ball.
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