This is a transcript to Comedy World bumpers and promos that aired on Kids' WB throughout August 2000.

August 1-15

August 15-31

"Slammin' September" promo

Announcer: Who DOESN'T love new episodes of Comedy World?

PC Guy & Eric: (clip from An Onix-pected AdventureOh! Oh! We love it! We love it! We love it!

Announcer: Well, prepare yourself for September, where we'll be airing NEW episodes of Comedy World for two weeks straight - from the 2nd all to the 23rd!

Stanley: (clip from Brotherhood of StanleyThat's a better idea than theater popcorn prices!

Announcer: Here you can witness Eric's new pet dog reeking havoc, as well as the city's population turning into... children?!

(Clip from Bloom of Youth of baby Old Man Esmond crying)

Announcer: After that we get the duo's class stumbling into the world of Pokemon... did we say this would be CRAZY?!

(Clip from Brotherhood of Stanley of PC Guy screaming at the top of his lungs)

Announcer: Well, okay, just don't let it go over your head. Then you can witness Sebastian becoming a detective... (clip from Comic Relief plays)

Sebastian: Alright, Carver, I know you took my comics, and I know exactly where you were that night!

(Closeup of a photo of Carver riding a merry-go-round that is themed after the color pink)

Carver: Oh, come on, they had a 30% off deal!

Announcer: We will witness Stanley's family coming over for Thanksgiving - and causing a disaster! And last but not least, Lakeside will experience a zombie outbreak! Don't miss the Slammin' September weekend block, from September 2nd to the 23rd, at 9:30, only on Kids' WB!

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