May 1-15

Walker Breaks Into the Batcave

(Principal Walker has arrived at the outside of the Batcave)

Principal Walker: Well, I don't know how the heck I did it, but I made it -- the one and only Batcave, home to the world's freshest recipe for barbecue sauce! They'll be good for my Walker Wings.

(Walker breaks into the Batcave with laughable ease, and inside he notices it is completely empty. He steals a bottle containing the formula and runs all the way back to his house, where he prepares a massive pot of the sauce)

(Then, he dips one of his chicken wings into the sauce as he takes his first bite, and he drops dead because the recipe he stole was a trap and contained a collection of harmless ingredients, that when combined in just the right amounts and using just the right process turns them into poison. All of this is revealed from very small text in the formula)

(Batman is seen giving himself a thumbs up)

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May 15-31

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