Edward and Eric's shorts are a series of animated shorts that aired during commercial breaks on Kids' WB throughout 1996 to 1997 as a way to persuade Warner Bros. to pitch the series, shortly after Gary Sauls had already pitched Pilot to the company. They aired again throughout 2000 before stopping in 2001, although once the show debuted on Boomerang in 2005, the shorts occasionally aired there during intermissions until 2008.

Every single short is available on Edward and Eric: The Complete Series' 15th disc.


  • Here is a list of differences between the shorts and the actual series:
    • Edward's favorite food is peanut butter ketchup and tuna sandwiches as opposed to frog legs.
    • The animation is a lot more rough than Season 1.
    • Carver's name is Simon.
    • Instead of having title cards, the title of a short merely appears at the bottom of the screen once the short begins.


List of shorts

There are 35 shorts overall.

Season 1

1. Just a Harmless, Normal Day of P.E. - Edward, Eric and their three friends go through Physical Education. Destructive hijinx ensue. Air date: May 4, 1996

2. Simon Says... - The brothers are challenged to a fight by the local bully, Simon! Air date: May 18, 1996

3. Take Your Ed to Work Day - As part of Take Your Child to Work Day, Paul gives Edward and Eric a grand tour of his restaurant, but then it falls apart - literally. Air date: May 18, 1996

4. Ed-tirement - Eric accidentally gives Joey too many candles on his birthday, and upon blowing them out, he turns into an old man! Air date: May 25, 1996

5. The Boiler Room - Stanley tells the gang a story about a creature who lives in the apartment's boiler room, and Joey goes down there in the middle of the night to prove he isn't a "chicken". Air date: June 8, 1996

6. The Karate Ed - Dallas tries to toughen up Edward by teaching him simple self-defense moves, but it fails each time. Air date: June 8, 1996

7. Invis-ed-ble - The entire gang is accidentally turned invisible from one of Edward's inventions! Air date: June 22, 1996

8. Christmas in July - On a typical summer day, Stanley decides to scam kids for money by manipulating them into thinking Christmas is now in July. Air date: July 13, 1996

9. The Quest for Stupidville - When Simon insults Eric by telling him to "go to Stupidville", Eric embarks on a journey to find it. Air date: July 20, 1996

10. Killing a Spider - The brothers go through various misadventures while trying to kill a spider. Air date: July 27, 1996

11. Special Ed - Report cards have been released, and Eric swaps his with Edward's to make it look like he's a straight-A student. Air date: September 28, 1996

12. Nak-ed - While showering during P.E., Edward's clothes go missing, and he must find them before people discover he's butt naked! Air date: October 5, 1996

13. Halloween - Each member of the gang gets lost while trick-or-treating. Air date: October 5, 1996

14. Bathtime - Edward tries to get Oscar to take a bath, but once he succeeds, the apartment ends up flooding. Air date: November 9, 1996

Season 2

15. The Wheel - Stanley receives a hypnotizing wheel in the mail and uses it on everybody he knows. Air date: January 11, 1997

16. Don't Be My Valentine - Simon keeps teasing Edward about his obvious crush on Kimberly Matthews, but when Edward makes it clear he "doesn't" love her, he forces him to a no-holds-barred wrestling match, with the winner being able to have Kimberly all to himself. Air date: January 11, 1997

17. Take a Hike - Principal Walker tells Simon he should control his anger by going out on a walk, but when he assigns his "friends", Edward and Eric, to tag along with him, it makes things worse. Air date: February 15, 1997


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