Edward and Eric ran for 6 seasons, but once upon a time, a Season 7 was planned. 20 episodes had been planned, though only 2 had been fully scripted and storyboarded. Plans for this seventh season fell through when series creator Gary Sauls began to feel iffy. He feared that the show would lose its charm if it were to continue any longer. Warner Bros. ultimately respected Sauls' decision, and the planned finale for the seventh season ultimately became the finale of the sixth season (as well as the finale of the series as a whole), and the original Season 6 finale, as well as all the rest of the planned seventh season were scrapped.



  • In a documentary detailing the production of Snod-Ball, a short clip of a Chatterbox employee drawing a storyboard panel from one of the canceled Season 7 eps can be seen.


  • Sauls uploaded all of the scripts from the seventh season onto the internet, complete and incomplete. He also uploaded the completed script for Bully Be Gone.


  • A Chatterbox employee leaked a few storyboard panels from Bully Be Gone onto Twitter. The tweet was deleted shortly after, but fans raised such a stink that Sauls finally gave in and uploaded the full animatics for Bully Be Gone onto Twitter the next day, with a caption reading:
    • ”There. Don’t ever ask me for anything like that again.”



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