Edward vs. Snodgrass: A New Hope is an Edward and Eric VHS that was released March 28, 2007. It is the last Edward and Eric VHS to ever be released.


  • Edward vs. Snodgrass: The Final Frontier - Edward meets his longtime rival, Snodgrass, and they battle each other in the world of cyberspace!
  • Battle of the Brainiacs - Edward and Snodgrass compete against each other in the class president election, and Snodgrass uses his wits to get people to vote for him!
  • The Snodgrass Menace - Snodgrass invents a gun that is capable of warping reality, and he uses it to conquer the universe and defeat Edward once and for all!
  • Hit and Run - Snodgrass invents a robotic clone of Edward that ultimately takes over Edward's life.
  • Rip Van Edward - After being knocked out by an apple, Edward awakens in the 30th century, where Snodgrass has invented the future and is now the ruler of the world. Will he be able to return to his original time period?


  • The title is a reference to the 1977 film, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • Not only is this the last Edward and Eric VHS to be released, but it is also extremely difficult to find, mostly due to the fact that by 2007, VHS tapes were already considered obsolete, especially in the United States.
    • In fact, if one were to try and purchase a copy on online retail stores such as Amazon or eBay, the VHS would usually be out of stock.
      • Even if one were to find a copy up for sale, the VHS usually goes for a high price.
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