Edward vs. Snodgrass: The Final Frontier is episode 61b of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on August 11, 2001.


Edward encounters his long-time rival, Snodgrass Phthiraptera, and while they were quarreling, they ended up getting sucked into cyberspace. Now, it's up for them to conquer each other and escape from the virtual world of computer systems.

Cast (WIP)

  • Andrew Rannells as Edward and The Narrator
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Snodgrass
  • Josh Peck as Eric


  • This is Snodgrass' first appearance on the show.
  • Dial-up Internet is constantly poked fun at throughout the episode.
  • This episode is available to watch on the Misadventures in the West DVD and the Season 4 Volume 1 box set.
  • Fife and Drum March by Larry Hochman serves as the title card track for this episode.
  • The title is a reference to the 1989 film, Star Trek: The Final Frontier.


  • When Edward is screaming and running from Snodgrass, his sleeve becomes transparent for a brief second.


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