Template:VideoGameBox Envision MMO is a massively multiplayer online role-playing cyberpunk game released in 1997 by Take Five Games.


Base game


Development history

In 1995, a group of 50 were handled a task to create a MMO that would be available on multiple platforms. After two years, their product was released to the Japanese market and was published worldwide a few months later.

In 2017, it was reported that a sequel will be released in 2018, and that Envision X will be revived to release updates to the original game while the main team is developing the sequel.


Updates from 1998 to 2007 were handled online by GameSpy. Before 1998, users could only buy a $1 floppy disk to patch their game from a local video store, or a local convenient store that was distributed by local companies in the countries.


  • 4/8/97 - Bug fixes, fixes exploits when the third level was accessible when in the first level.
  • 4/17/97 - Adds custom spells to people above level 30

System requirements


Expansion packs

Envision 2002

Envision 2002 was the first big update/expansion to the game. Users must exchange their game to a local store and must pay a fee of $9.99 for the expansion pack.


Base game (1997-2002)

The base game includes a manual, map of the world (circa. 2002), and the game. It's MSRP is 29.99.