Shoot! I thought I'd ace that test yesterday, but it looks like it aced me.
— Eric
Eric Pearson is the deuteragonist of Edward and Eric. He is the youngest son of Paul and Susan, and the younger brother of Edward. He is voiced by Josh Peck.


Eric is very dimwitted, lazy and naive. He is highly immature, extremely impulsive and lacks proper common sense. However, he has a big heart that's easily in sharp contrast to his small brain, as Eric is also kind, good-natured and happy-go-lucky with a positive attitude. He is a loyal friend who always sticks by his friends, even during the roughest situations. The first two seasons portrayed Eric as Too Dumb to Live, but from Season 3 and onwards, Eric started acknowledging his own mistakes and making up for them more often, turning him into The Ditz.

While Eric may not be the most intelligent, he is always more than willing to put the knowledge he does have to good use. He is also surprisingly prone to snarky jokes (though he's unintentional some of them come off as rude) and breaking the fourth wall. The reason behind his lack of proper intelligence is that he has a piece of a Frosted Puff lodged to his brain. Without it, he is a genius, even more so than Edward.

When nothing's really going on, he can usually be found doing one of these three things: sitting in front of the TV whilst chowing down on some snacks, reading the latest issue of Match Boy and Girl, playing video games, or surfing the web.


  • His birthday is June 14.
  • Eric is 12 years old.
  • According to Edward, Eric's blood type is "DUMB+".
  • As revealed in Eric Come Home, Eric once had an imaginary friend named Kevin. He firmly believes that Kevin “ran away from home”.
  • Eric is the only main character from Edward and Eric who didn't originate from the 1982 short, Bad Luck Benjamin.
  • During development of the series, Eric wore a red hoodie instead of his trademark blue t-shirt.
  • In the first two seasons, Eric was portrayed as Too Dumb to Live, to the point where he even forgot how to breathe in at least one episode. However, starting from season 3, he became more of a Ditz, and eventually, as time went on, he began to acknowledge his mistakes more often.
  • Eric was originally voiced by an adult actor, although said actor remains anonymous to this very day.
  • In one episode, Eric says, "They say kids imitate characters from cartoons, but I have yet to become a talking sponge who works at a burger joint." This is a reference to two things.
    • The namesake character from the longrunning animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • The fact that most parents are overly sensitive in regards to their children watching cartoons, because they fear their kids will copy anything they see.
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