Escape from Detention is episode 14b of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on February 27, 1999.


Joey is in detention, and he schemes with the rest of the students in there to bust out exactly like a jailbreak, but with Ollie constantly monitoring it, it's easier said than done...

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  • Although this episode premiered in 1999, it was produced in 1998 according to the copyright date at the end of the credits.
  • On the detention room's wall, there is graffiti that reads "Shareena wuz here!". This is a reference to Detention, another Kids' WB show that was yet to air when this episode premiered.


(The episode opens with Joey in Walker's office, with Mrs. White standing by the latter)

Joey: It was the other guy! And frankly, I thought it was funny too.

Principal Walker: Why did you do it, Joey?

Joey: I keep saying it wasn't me!

Principal Walker: It was you. You are the one who kept performing, (takes out an index card and struggles to read it) uhhh... (shows it to Joey) you know what this word is?

Joey: (squints) I don't speak Latin.

Mrs. White: That's "truancy", sir.

Principal Walker: Right. (clears his throat) We need to think of a reasonable punishment for you. We do not tolerate our students cutting class.

Joey: There is no scissors class, fatty!

Mrs. White: Not that! As in you keep purposefully dodging my class.

Joey: Never did that, Einstein.

Mrs. White: I lost count of all the times you've did it, but there was last week.

(Flashback to Joey arriving to her class last minute)

Mrs. White: Joey Maldanado! Why are you tardy?!

Joey: (pretends to look sad by putting his head down) My dad, is at the hospital, ma'am.

Mrs. White: (feeling bad) Oh... oh dear... (tears up) I am so, so sorry. Please, Joey - return to him.

Joey: (excited) Really?! (suddenly, he recognizes his error and slaps himself; he is now "sad" again) I mean, are you sure? I don't wanna miss-

Mrs. White: (points to the door) Go, Joey! HE NEEDS YOU!

(Joey immediately runs out of the school, leaving a trail of fire behind. He cheers wildly)

(Cut to a time card)

The Narrator: 3 days later...

(Joey walks in, with a relieved look on his face)

Mrs. White: Hello, Joey. Is your father still in the infirmary?

Joey: "IN" there?! He WORKS there!

(Rimshot; he slaps his knee and laughs hard. Mrs. White stares in silence, and the flashback ends there)

Principal Walker: Perhaps a week of detention will reform your harmful deeds.

Joey: No! It's long and boring in there!

Principal Walker: Just like your permanent record. Matter of fact, (takes out Joey's record) here it is. (opens it and starts reading) It appears you've also failed to do any assignment, and received Fs on the ones you bothered to do - even Lunch. You have been playing handheld games in classes. You showed up in your underwear on Pajama Day. You've beaten up Igor and spraypainted "Carver is a square head!" in the gym.

(Cut to another time card)

The Narrator: One decade later...

Principal Walker: You've started food fights even outside of lunch. You've used the girls' restroom. You interrupted our anti-bullying assembly by beating up the mascot. You sold the playground swings on oHarbor.

Joey: (offscreen) HEY!

(Camera pans out to reveal Walker has gone for so long that a decade actually HAS went by)

Joey: (now a fully-grown adult) Perhaps you should've went, I dunno, a little more (in slow-mo) faster?!

(Walker sighs and takes out a remote. He rewinds time to a decade earlier)

Principal Walker: Well, Joey, it's off to detention for you.

(Camera immediately cuts to Joey sitting in the middle of the detention room)

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