(barks aggressively)
— Fang
Fang is a one-off character in the animated series, Edward and Eric. His sole appearance was in the season 3 episode, Dog Trouble, where he served as the antagonist. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Eric discovered Fang while he was hiding out at a junkyard. Eventually, he took him home, and seemed to be a loving dog (with tiny bits of aggression). However, he evolved into a large, terrifying dog overnight, and soon enough, he proved to be big trouble for Edward, and then the entire city. After terrorizing Lakeside for long enough, he was taken away by animal control, never to be seen again.


As a puppy, Fang was a relatively well-mannered dog, though he did show some hostile tendencies here and there. As an adult dog, Fang was very aggressive and hostile towards anybody. Since the citizens of Lakeside had never heard of dogs before, they were all terrified of him.


  • The only other media he technically appeared in was in a picture book that's based on the aforementioned episode.
  • Although he is a pit bull, the live-action closeups show him as a Doberman.
    • On the news report, he was also shown as a Golden Retriever.
    • The "WANTED" poster shows him as a Bloodhound.
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