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Fleecy the Lamb (character) is a stuffed lamb and main protagonist of the namesake web fiction series. She is a 32-year-old toy who, despite her innocent ways, actually makes humanity suffer from bad luck by merely touching her. She is part of a fictional toyline from 1985 called "Bedtime Barn Bunch", which was adapted into a short-lived fictional cartoon series around the same year.

How she appears.


Fleecy is a small lamb with a worn-out appearance. She has slightly soiled white fleece (hence her name), a pink, scruffy head and floppy ears, a faded pink plastic heart-shaped nose, a heart-shaped tail, cream hooves, with one of them having a small chip, and a label on her rear.


Fleecy is an innocent, caring, happy-go-lucky lamb who adores her fleece very much and tries to keep her wooly hide as spotless as possible. She also wants to help young children sleep through the night by cuddling with them, only to realize by next morning, the child is left with some agitation indicating the start of his/her bad luck due to Fleecy's used condition. She is in between being a tomboy and a girly girl.

Fleecy is very close friends with male stuffed animals Wakey the Rooster, Snores the Pig, Blanky the Goat, Haysack the Horse, and Dozer the Bull, who were the other five toys in the Bedtime Barnyard Buddies series. Her friends also see her as the leader of her own group that she soon forms in the web fiction Each Sold Separately.

Her passions include astronomy, studying bedtime routines, fashion, and watching monster and sci-fi movies.


  • She was inspired by Lots o' Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3.