Francis Fairbrace's is an amusement park located in Lakeside. It is one of the many locations seen in Comedy World. It was founded by none other than Francis Fairbrace.


Francis Fairbrace's is a fairly large amusement park with an immense variety of rides, games, food vendors, merchandise, and much more.

Although it claims to be a "travel carnival", the park always stays in Lakeside, and it is open around the clock. No matter what time of the year it is, Francis Fairbrace's is quite successful in attracting a large amount of visitors, including tourists.


  • As revealed in the season 2 episode, Cartoon Madness, the full name of the park is Francis Fairbrace's Fabulous, Fantastic, Fierce and Funky Fun Fair.
  • It is known for being destroyed in every episode it is featured in.
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