Full name Gerald Xarnevious Danderfelt
Alias(es) Gerry89, Gnarly Gerry, Godsend Danderfelt
Species Human
Race Asian
Age 30
Gender Male
Birth date September 26
Birth place Pennsylvania
Alignment Lawful Good
Occupation Grand Dragon
Friends Everybody
Enemies Nobody
Likes Positivity
Hawaiian drinks
Dislikes Negativity
Harming others
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Actor Himself
Gerald Xarnevious Danderfelt (also known as Gerry) born on September 26, is the most positive man in the world. His goal is to rid the world of injustice and become friends with Jerry Vanderbilt, who considers him as an enemy.


  • He likes "waterboarding", despite not knowing what waterboarding is. Waterboarding is a form of interrogation where the experience of drowning is simulated. Gerry thinks that waterboarding is a water sport done on sunny days.