Has your therapist ever called you weird? Mine has.
— Gordon
Gordon Rettberg is a minor character in Edward and Eric, and a student who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Edward Felker.


Gordon is notoriously well known for being the weirdest and grossest kid on campus. He is also Edward and Eric's self-appointed "biggest fan", and he is quite creepy around them. He lacks any sort of social skills, and he ends up saying the most awkward stuff around people. In his spare time, he likes to talk to himself, burp, grunt, playing with his imaginary friend, obsess over the Pearson brothers, read his overdue library books, snack on his boogers, eat food from the floor, watch cheap horror movies, and pop his pimples.


  • Gordon owns a scrapbook that is dedicated to Edward and Eric's life timeline. In fact, in the season 2 episode, Eric for Principal, it was revealed that he owns the brothers' very first sweat drops, as well as some of their locks of hair.
  • Kimberly thinks that Gordon is "cute", much to Edward's disappointment.
  • In 3rd grade, Gordon once attacked Joey for no reason. Joey ended up getting detention for "causing a disturbance", while Gordon got off scot-free.
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