Hi, Carver, you must be a friend of Edward! He's always talking about you. Why don't you make yourself at home? I baked you some cookies!
— Grandma
Grandma Pearson (first name unknown) is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. She is the mother of Paul, husband of Grandpa Pearson, and the grandmother of Edward and Eric. She is voiced by Angela Lansbury.


Grandma is an extremely gentle housewife, and is kind to anybody she encounters, including strangers she encounters on the street. She is highly skilled in cooking - so much so, that Paul has stated that his cooking talent is "genetic". She always loves to provide a warm meal to anyone, and she is famous for her homemade chocolate chip cookies. Since Grandma is overly kind, this can be seen as a disadvantage since she is even polite to the show's antagonists, including Carver.


  • She speaks with a thick Irish accent, even though all the other Pearson family members don't inherit this.
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