Somewhere out there, I hope there's, like, a really rich dude who can pay people to watch television nonstop or something.
— Gurney
Gurney Poundstone is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. He is a dropout student from Lakeside City School, and he is one Carver's best friends. He is voiced by Eric Stuart.


Unlike Carver or any of his other friends, Gurney is an adult. Despite this, he has been shown to be quite immature and lazy for someone his age. While he may seem street smart, the same can't be said about his book smarts. He is a fantasy enthusiast, and he loathes education far more than Carver. He has even gone far enough to make plans about destroying the school.

Gurney is also well known for continuing to live with his parents and being too dependent on them. He even fears the thought of getting a full time job. Despite being a fully-grown adult, Gurney sounds like a teenager barely hitting puberty.


  • Gurney is 24 years old.
  • Carver first met Gurney when he was waiting in line at a tattoo parlor.
  • As revealed in the episode, Who's the Fool Here?, he dropped out of school near the end of his eighth grade semester.
  • Gurney regularly gets into trouble with the police, usually for stealing cars or holding up stores, most particularly Fill 'Er In. However, his parents are so used to this that they don't do anything about it.
  • Gurney's personal vehicle is an ice cream truck, and he frequently gets in trouble with the police for driving it at nighttime.
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