Happy Birthday is episode 1c of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on September 5, 1998.


It's Edward's birthday, but Eric has forgotten to get him a present! He does not have long to get one, will he succeed?


  • Andrew Rannells as Edward
  • Josh Peck as Eric

Joey, Dallas, Paul and Oscar also appear, but are silent.


  • This segment is available to watch on The Complete First Season DVD boxset.
  • This segment is only 4 minutes long as opposed to the normal duration of 11 minutes.
  • Edward's birthday would later be celebrated again in the season 3 episode, The Bad Birthday.
  • This episode is well known for only having two lines of dialogue in its entirety.


(Episode opens with Eric carrying loads worth of laundry. He walks by a calendar but then stops. He runs back to the calendar, dropping all the laundry, and he checks the circled date)

(The calendar reads "EDWARD'S BIRTHDAY TODAY". Eric anxiously sweats and runs around in a circle, but then a light bulb shines over his head. A thought bubble appears, and he imagines a birthday card. He quickly dashes out of the house and runs so fast that he is set ablaze)

(As Eric runs down the street, he sets Joey's ice cream cone on fire, thus melting it. Joey grunts and throws the remains to the ground as he proceeds to storm off)

(Eric starts to get uncomfortable from the fire, so he tries slowing down, but to no avail. He unintentionally crashes through a fence and dives into a pool)

(Eric ends up diving so hard, that all the pool's water splashes out, thus soaking the entire planet. Dallas glares angrily at him. He nervously takes off, and heads to a Bullseye store)

(He takes a look through the greeting card aisle, but all the cards aren't what he's looking for. He sees cards that read the following: "Sorry About My B.O.", "Sorry for Not Inviting You to theĀ Golf Game That Was Meant to Celebrate Your Promotion", "I'm Happy You Divorced Me... But Where's My Money?" and "Please Give Me a Raise")

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