Stanley, contrary to popular belief, I did not get these shoes on sale.
— Harry
Harry Martin is a minor character in Edward and Eric, and a Prep who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Despite being a Prep, Harry is actually poor. He does wear expensive clothing just like an ordinary Prep, but he claims that they are actually "leftover clothes from last year", and he says they're starting to "get a little tight". He also happens to live in a penthouse located in Manhattan, but small talk says that he's on the risk of getting evicted due to his father having a bad habit of not paying rent on time. Just like other Preps, he has a rough relationship with his father. He speaks in a Cockney accent.


  • Humorously enough, he resides in Manhattan, but he ended up becoming a student at Lakeside City School.
  • Just like every other Prep, he has been hinted to be inbred.
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