Heightmare is episode 10b of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on November 7, 1998.


The Lucky 6 pays a visit to Francis Fairbrace's to ride the world's most dangerous roller coaster. However, both Edward and Constantinos are too scared to ride it, so they decide to save it for last and do some other things first.


  • Andrew Rannells as Edward and The Narrator
  • Josh Peck as Eric
  • Dan Green as Dallas
  • Gary Sauls as Constantinos, Joey and Intern
  • Edward Felker as Stanley and Operator
  • Veronica Taylor as Carver
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins as Blake

Sebastian, Buford, Ollie, Christian, Gordon, Tony, Luke, and Travis appear as background characters.


  • This segment is available to watch on The Complete First Season DVD boxset.
  • This was the last episode to air in 1998, as well as the final episode of season 1.


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