The Hyacintho Waterway is a home video game console developed by Hyacintho. The console was released on December 23, 2016 after years of careful planning.


  • Hyacintho Camera - A camera that is placed near the television set.
  • Hyacintho Dashboard - A controller with a screen similar to Nintendo's Wii U. It is the main controller that comes with the console.
  • Hyacintho Dock - A charging dock that charges both the Hyacintho Dashboard and the Hyacintho Point.
  • Hyacintho KnowWatch - A watch-like device that straps to the wrist and displays notifications and alerts from the console.
  • Hyacintho KnowWatch 2 - A successor to the Hyacintho KnowWatch with similar functionality. The screen can display things such as the time and profile information (unlike the first KnowWatch), and it can also display the profiles of whoever else is wearing the KnowWatch nearby.
  • Hyacintho Pen - A pen with ink that the Hyacintho Camera can detect. It also functions as a stylus for the Hyacintho Dashboard when the pen's cap is on.
  • Hyacintho Point - A remote-shaped controller similar to Nintendo's Wii Remote and Sony's PlayStation Move that acts as a cursor when pointed on the screen. Seven of the controllers come with the console.
  • Hyacintho Stick - A sensor that can detected by the Hyacintho Camera and can be attached to surfaces via velcro straps, a magnet on the back side or metal hooks. In games that support the Hyacintho Camera, they can act as targets to shoot at on the screen or points to enhance the exactness of the camera. Ten of the sensors come with the console.