Western animation is for people who have no chins. Japanese animation is my personal preference.
— Igor
Igor Shewhosaw is a minor character in Edward and Eric, and a Nerd who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Edward Felker.


Igor is an underweight Nerd and a Brazilian immigrant who lives in his own mind. He usually tries to convince people that he has "supernatural human abilities", but in reality, he is physically weak and is deemed a "social outcast" by other students. He is heavily interested in Japanese anime and manga, and he is known to view it as superior to other things he is surrounded by. He also speaks with a lisp.

Apart from his unhealthy obsession with Japanese culture, Igor is a stereotypical rage-filled nerd. He owns a personal list of "people who will be sorry one day". He strongly desires to become the president (despite being Brazilian) and for girls to like him.


  • His birthday is July 24.
  • In some of the early episodes, Igor spoke at a more relaxed pace and was slightly shorter.
  • His only friend is Abdul Renbarger.
  • Although his favorite color is orange, he is allergic to the namesake fruit.
  • Along with Carver, Igor is the only student in the school who genuinely likes Principal Walker.
  • One of Igor's bad habits is trying to speak Japanese so that "he can stand out from everybody else". However, this always fails because he ends up mispronouncing just about any Japanese word he can try and attempt to say.
  • He is thought to be the second-in-command of the Nerds.
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