Incredibly Incredible Adventures is a Comedy World VHS and DVD that was released on November 10, 2004.


  • Bike Intellectz - Enjoy an instructional video that teaches the best (and worst) techniques on how to ride a bicycle, starring PC Guy and Eric.
  • Bleeding Heart - Joey thinks a girl likes him, so he follows her around town to see if she really does. But, knowing Joey, does she?
  • Weekend at PC Guy's - Carver crashes in at the Pearson's apartment and throws a wild party there.
  • Skating on Thin Ice - Dallas eats a minty gum, but it gives him the ability to breathe ice! And it all goes downhill when the entire planet becomes covered in ice!
  • Heightmare - The Lucky 6 is psyched to ride the world's biggest roller coaster! Well, except for two of them.


The DVD has two additional episodes.

  • Big Brother is Watching You - Principal Walker's younger brother is coming to town, so he must come up with a plan to ruin his reputation!
  • Eric = mc2 - Eric becomes intelligent - or, in simpler terms, too intelligent for his own good.

Bonus Features

  • "Getting to Know the Lakeside City Citizens" Game
  • Animatics for Eric = mc2
  • Previews
  • Credits


  • Outside of the United States, the cover is based on Heightmare.
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