Full name Jeremiah Cornelius Vanderbilt
Alias(es) Jerry69, Jared, Grand Dragon Vanderbilt
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Age 30
Gender Male
Birth date April 4, 1986
Birth place Kika, Kentucky
Death date TBA
Death place TBA
Fate TBA
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Alignment Bad
Occupation Grand Dragon
Religion Positive Christianity
Family Jessie (mother), Johnny (father), Jenny (sister), Joey (brother), Kathryn (wife), Rob (adopted son)
Friends Koolkid, Lil Jimbles
Enemies Jewy, Jewgel
Likes Nobody
Dislikes Liberals
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Actor himself
Jeremiah Cornelius Vanderbilt (also known as Jerry) born on 1986, is a member from the KKK (Kika Killer Klub), who lives in Kentucky with his sister (Jenny), his brother (Joey), and his arch nemesis (Jewy).