Call me short, and I'll call you an ambulance!
— Joey
Joey Maldanado is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. He is the only son of Floyd and Mrs. Maldanado, and is one of Edward and Eric's best friends. He is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Joey is extremely sarcastic, arrogant, loud, power-hungry, impatient and self-satisfied. He views himself as superior to everyone, and he loves to create exaggerated stories about himself. Not only is he selfish, but his other notable traits include his short temper and his unpopularity at school. He is also very impatient, as in one episode, he got angry just from waiting for a cup of instant noodles to finish being microwaved. Despite all of this, he cares for his friends deep down.

Joey happens to lack proper intelligence when it comes to academics; some examples include him believing San Francisco is a town in Italy and that 0 divided by 0 is actually 2. When he was shown a map of the world in the episode Escape from Detention, he thought all of the continents were “a bunch of PEGOs mashed together”. In Truancy, he thought that "skipping school" was literally what it sounds like - a school where all you do is skip. Because of this, he is the second least intelligent member in The Lucky 6, beaten only by Eric.


  • Joey is 13 years old.
  • During development, Joey was going to have a twin brother.
  • As revealed in There's No F in Edward, Joey believes his singing skills are better than Elvis Presley's. But humorously enough, it was also revealed he has an F- in Music.
    • In fact, in the aforementioned episode, it was also shown that his singing is destructive enough to create a supernova.
  • Joey is known to be allergic to turnips.
  • He is the third-strongest member of The Lucky 6, only behind Stanley and Dallas.
    • Surprisingly, he is also the third shortest member in the gang. He stands at 5'4 (163 cm). He is very insecure about this fact.
  • As revealed in Locked Out, Joey is claustrophobic.
  • During lunch time at school, Joey usually sits near the trash can.
  • His grades are so bad, that he has an F in Lunch.
    • He also fails Spanish class so badly that he states the only place where he truly learned Spanish, was at Taco Smell’s menu.
  • A running gag in the early episodes was Joey exploding for no reason each time he fell off a cliff, but this seems to have died out.
  • Joey's winter outfit greatly resembles Eric Cartman's clothes. Cartman is one of the protagonists from the animated adult series, South Park.
  • Whenever he cries, he sounds similarly to Constantinos, whom Sauls also voices.
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