Do I look pretty?
— Kimberly
Kimberly Matthews is a minor character in Edward and Eric. She is the girlfriend of Travis Harrison, the current football captain at Lakeside City School. She was voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergman from her debut appearance until The Shaft of Hate, and Jessica DiCicco in subsequent appearances.


Kimberly seems to be somewhat of a cross between a "girly girl" and a "tomboy". However, she is incredibly prone to mood swings, which can lead to unfortunate situations for many. She is relatively quiet, but she is a lover of drawing, literature, and video games. Edward claims that she is "the only tolerable girl in the entire school", but Kimberly only thinks of him as a friend no matter how hard Edward tries to prove he's the best man for her.


  • Kimberly was removed from the show towards the end of Season 3. This was done out of respect for Mary Kay Bergman, coupled with the fact that Sauls was dissatisfied with the character.
    • Because of this, The Shaft of Hate was her final major appearance.
  • She thinks that Gordon is "cute", much to Edward's dismay.
  • Kimberly is based on a crush Sauls had when he was fifteen years old. Unfortunately, she only thought of Sauls as a friend and instead had a crush on the inspiration for Gordon.
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