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Kitchen is an American adult animated black comedy series which ran on MTV from June 7, 1999 to February 4, 2019. The series was created by Dick Shoverton and developed under the MTV Animation department. Its overall concept follows the mishaps which take place within the dysfunctional American city of New Sodom; featuring three middle school friends, Victor, Pants, and Chuck. Kitchen often satirizes American culture, stereotypes, social issues, and taboo subjects (though tends to slightly stray away from pop-culture references and mainstream political topics). Its cherished grasp for graphic violence and vulgar humor has given Kitchen a controversial label, and can be often compared to other adult animated oriented programs (ex. South Park, Family Guy, Beavis and Butt-Head).


Kitchen is an overall surrealistic series which centers within an alternate reality where humans coexist with sentient anthropomorphic food items and other oddities. In Jefferson (America's 51st state) lies the dysfunctional city of New Sodom. With the majority of its residents being ignorant, violence-obsessed, repulsive individuals, the city is well known as "America's Biggest Mistake". The series format follows throughout the daily lives of three middle school kids: Victor McCoy, Adolfo "Pants" Goldstein, and Chuck Darren. Attempting to survive the dangers and oddities which surround New Sodom, the trio use their various schemes to cheat their way out of the deadly situations they get dragged into. Whether it be or rational or illogical, New Sodom is never safe from violence.


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A feature-length film entitled Real & Raunchy was released in 2009, exactly ten years since the series premiered in 1999.


  • Kitchen, in the United States, is given a TV-PG-DLSV to TV-MA-LSV rating. However, a majority of episodes range from a TV-14-V or TV-14-LV rating.